Invisible People

They are people who are to most of us, invisible.  They are the homeless.

I have focused my art on capturing the incredible character that life on the streets has given these individuals, many of whom are from my neighborhood near downtown San Diego.  A character that is hard earned through sometimes many years of life on the streets and the daily struggle for survival that that may bring.

Nobility, beauty, strength, vulnerability, they are there if  we only look.  The next time that you pass someone sleeping in the street.  I hope you will realize that as a child, this is probably not the life that they had dreamed of leading. Each has a family, friends and a story of why they are where they are.  By presenting these faces on a large scale we are forced to confront them and the situation that so any like them find themselves.  Children who are without parents or role models are at most risk of being on the streets. As a human being I can’t help but feel compassion for these individuals and by presenting them in this large format perhaps it will bring them into focus.  Making them visible.