“When a piece of art is correctly executed, it has the power to change your heart, change your mind, change your direction and hopefully, the world.”

Neil Shigley

Collaborative Art Art For Living, Working And Public Spaces


As an artist I am honored that someone would devote space in their home or office to a piece of my art, which can sometimes take on a life of its own.

I create custom, memorable artwork for residential, commercial, private and public places that transforms your space whether it be on the wall or floor, hanging or free-standing. We will work together on a design that you will be proud of and authentically captures your wishes.


I have worked with numerous businesses to customize painted murals and graphics on the walls of their offices. I have also partnered with agencies and institutions, municipalities and nonprofit organizations, to create large pieces of art meant for installation. From fine art paintings and colorful abstract designs to funky pop art imagery, I am capable of creating anything you can dream up.



While I have created several murals and completed many installations of my artwork, perhaps there is none I’ve completed to date that’s more profound or humbling than that of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. mural along the 94 Freeway. I was commissioned by Philip Matzigkeit the designer of this mural.  

For me, this was the most important job I’ve ever worked on because of what he represents to our nation and community in how many people’s lives were made better due to his difficult and committed leadership and work within the American Civil Rights movement during the ‘50s and ‘60s.


When we approached Neil about creating an art piece for a large modern / “California casual” office lobby renovation at Liberty Station, we came with only a few general ideas and thoughts on what might work for the project. After a collaborative process, we eventually asked of Neil to imagine a large-scale piece that wouldn’t just sit flat in the background or go unnoticed as employees & visitors strolled by, but something relevant to San Diego & Liberty Station which would be timeless and “anchor” the whole space.

Flawlessly executing this vision, Neil created a one-of-a-kind topographic map…but he didn’t just imagine, design and hand-off to a 3rdparty to get their hands dirty, he MADE it…and we’re all the better for it.

Thank you Neil!

Eric Mitchell, VP, IDS Real Estate Group


“It was an absolute pleasure working with Neil when he painted the walls of our AdBoom office. At the time, w were located in a corporate high rise building and he completely made our office a home with his unique and authentic artist abilities. Vendors would often come to our office putting in applications after seeing the environment Neil created (No joke). Our staff loved Neil as he shared some amazing stories throughout the project and he really became part of our team."

Beau Hale, Owner Adboom Group