“This stuff is fun."

This stuff is fun! I always had a knack for faces. As an illustrator in New York in the 80’s many of my assignments were to create portraits for magazine articles, posters, TV shows, annual reports, etc. This was my hands-on training (that I was getting paid for!) where I honed my skills at capturing a likeness and developed my technique. I created portraits for a number of big clients, including HBO, Sports Illustrated Magazine, The Grammy’s, MTV, ABC TV, KPBS, Business Week Magazine, ESPN Magazine, and many more. These portraits now are a way of letting off steam. I select people that I connect with, whether its an interest in their story, social cause, music or simply because I like the way the light cascades across their face. Some portraits are a reaction to current events and a way for me to focus some attention on that person and their cause or situation. I am always open to a suggestion and commission. All these portraits are for sale and I have the best commercial printing company in San Diego to print them any size on paper or canvas or panel. Please message me with a request.